Unni Gopinatha et al. argue in The Lancet on the usefulness of the Youth Commission to “accentuate” the work of the The Lancet—University of Oslo Commission on Global Governance for Health, in collaboration with the Harvard Global Health Institute. We do agree with the idea in principle but I find this comment reads like a press release. It doesn’t bring much information to the interested readers that we are.

Apparently, the authors are part of that Youth Commission but omit to mention it. More importantly, in my view they fall short on explaining how this youth commission has been composed and how it makes sure views from across the globe will be represented:

“The 16 young academics and professionals represent a wide variety of disciplines and regions.”

In a blog post published early February this year Unni proposes a wide consultation process to set up this Youth commission but this letter doesn’t mention anything about this process. They do mention the People’s Health Movement Student Coalition. That’s a good start though. Maybe interested Emerging Voices 4 Global Health  could get in touch with Unni to support the commission ?

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One Response to What Youth Commission on Global Governance for Health?

  1. Unni Gopinathan says:

    Dear David,

    The composition of the Youth Commission can be found here: http://www.med.uio.no/helsam/english/research/global-governance-health/youth-commission/members/.

    Regarding the process, recruitment was carried out through personal networks and suggestions from people working in academics. A more transparent, democratic process would have of course been better, but we are all volunteers in this effort, with other full-time obligations (studies, work etc). A large administrative process with open calls and selection was thus not possible.

    The Youth Commission will serve as an entry point for youth to the main Commission’s work, and for advancing and challenging the ideas and recommendation that hopefully will emerge. Emerging Voices 4 Global Health is definitely a group we can collaborate with.

    Please do get in touch if you want to know more.

    With best regards,

    Unni Gopinathan

    PS: A letter restricted to 400 words can only convey that much.

    PS2: The blog post did not announce a wide consultation process to set up the youth commission itself, but communicated the need for the Youth Commission to consult widely with youth movements about the topic of global governance for health.

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