Another contribution from Meena Daivadanam, this one specifically on the symposium.

This is entirely my personal opinion. I feel that there was a disconnect between ‘Public’ health and the First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research. The organization of the symposium as such was excellent however, my main objection relates to the symposium dinner which was held at the Casino. I am by no means a puritan, but even I object to having my dinner and listening to a talk on ‘Why health systems fail?’ with a dying TB patient as the background in a ‘gambling’ house. I have no problem with people having fun, but this particular dinner could have been organized at the conference venue itself along the same lines of the welcome reception on the first day. After all, we were there to talk about a serious issue, one concerning a majority of the global population who are struggling with disease and impoverishment in their day to day life. We cannot dishonor them or our cause by acting so callously. It’s with a sense of shame that I write this because I was very much a part of this particular event and I console myself saying that I did not stay beyond the main course.

Meena Daivadanam

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