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World Aids Day was this week's event for world leaders to comment on and for organizations to launch new plans. A seminar in our institute covered the recent developments and future perspectives on HIV prevention and financing of AIDS programmes.


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David Hercot, Kristof Decoster, Josefien Van Olmen & Wim Van Damme

Health Financing

1. WHO Bulletin – Where did all the aid go? An in-depth analysis of increased health aid flows over the past 10 years

Paolo Piva & Rebecca Dodd ;

Authors from WHO present a study analyzing health aid from different perspectives such as share of aid for STD versus other Health problems, aid spent for technical cooperation, and through general budget support or projects.

Innovative Financing

2. Lancet – Dispute over pneumococcal vaccine initiative

Ann Danaiya Usher ;

A report criticizing GAVI’s governance of Advanced Market Commitment (AMC) and the lack of transparency. This comes at a time when civil society has called for their increased participation in GAVI.

3. The Guardian – Can red lattes beat AIDS in Africa ?

Yuvraj Joshi ;

“Starbucks has teamed up with the Product Red campaign to fight disease. But 'cause branding' is a flawed model.” The author criticize the Red Branding as giving a false sense for customers and companies to contribute to alleviating world poverty while in fact they contribute just peanuts to the ocean of needs.

4. STWR – The ‘Tobin Tax’ Battle Has Only Just Begun

Anna White ;

Share The World’s Resources, 13 November 2009

Three decades after its invention, the ‘Tobin tax’ seems to finally reach the political arena. This is confirmed by discussions in Brussels both at the EU parliament and within the civil society. The second challenge behind its acceptance – which is still far from granted – is its “competing claims”: insurance of the bankers, social services for the world’s poor, or paying for consequences of climate change?


5. Newsweek – The PEPFAR Paradox.

Katie Paul;

Widely considered a jewel of U.S. foreign policy, the AIDS-treatment program is on track to post less impressive results—and that's a good thing according the author of this post.

6. KFF – U.S. Unveils 5-Year PEPFAR Strategy

Pepfar intends to shift its approach from emergency response to a sustainable approach, based on greater engagement with and capacity-building of governments. Besides the ongoing scale-up of treatment programmes, more emphasis will be put on prevention.

7.  IHP online – No, We Can’t: Barack Obama’s New Global AIDS Strategy

Gregg Gonsalves ;

Speaking at Columbia University’s International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs on 1 December 2009, Gonsalves calls on Barack Obama to keep up the (only) good work Bush did which is to scale up the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

8. ODI – World Aids Day: HIV in a world of fragile states, financial crises and falling budgets

Fiona Samuels ;

An interesting review of the state of AIDS financing in the world today.

9. Lancet – New WHO HIV treatment and prevention guidelines

Siobhan Crowley, Nigel Rollins, Nathan Shaffer, Teguest Guerma, Marco Vitoria, Ying-ru Lo ;

The WHO's newest guidelines for PMTCT, which include ART initiation earlier in pregnancy, could lower the risk of transmission considerably, if coverage of services are scaled up beyond the present 45%.


10.    Lancet – Social movements are key towards universal health coverage

Wim De Ceukelaire, Pol De Vos ;

Commenting on Laurie Garrett’s statement that politicians should support universal coverage, our colleagues –Pol De Vos works at ITM – argue that when speaking of Europe, which is among the most advanced regions regarding universal coverage, the universal coverage was not championed by politicians but reached thanks to civil society activism.

11.    KFF – Commonwealth Leaders' Meeting Concludes; Includes Discussion About Health

Commonwealth leaders under impulse of Gordon Brown have committed to work toward universal access to care.


12.    Lancet – The long shadow of malaria interventions in tropical Africa

James LA Webb ;

An interesting historical perspective on malaria control efforts in Africa.

American health care reform

13.    Lancet – Health-care reform and the right to health in the USA

Laura Turiano, Matthew Anderson, Todd Jailer, Maureen McCue, Mohammad Shahbazi, on behalf of People's Health Movement—USA ;

PHM – USA states that none of the reforms proposed will provide effective universal coverage nor will primary health care be accessible. Even cost control will not be achieved. “The health-care reform process exposes how corporate influence renders the US government incapable of making policy on the basis of evidence and the public interest.”

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