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Will this week end in bloodshed? As time goes by, Qaddafi’s militias are fighting with heavy artillery. The International Community is reluctant to intervene, even to protect civilians. Is this because Qaddafi could leak information or because of his advanced anti-aircraft equipment he bought from the West? As a reaction, the price of a barrel of oil is climbing, raising fears over further increases in food prices.

Worldwide, hundreds of events took place on International Women Days. Since the 100 years that we celebrate this event, some progress can be celebrated but a lot remains to be done as the violence against peaceful events in Ivory coast and Egypt, shows. The Guardian features a number of interviews highlighting challenges and hopes for women around the world, e.g. Malawi’s midwife crisis. Another backlash for Women’s rights is the re-emergence in the Republican dominated US Congress of ban on US government funding for any organization that mentions abortion, merely two years after Obama withdrew the previous version of such bill.

Enjoy your reading.

David Hercot, Kristof Decoster, Josefien Van Olmen, Basile Keugoung & Wim Van Damme

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