Dear Friends,

I am perturbed to know that people of Bangladesh have to pay Tk 40.25 to get obsolete Nerve Tissue Vaccine (NTV), recommended not to be used by WHO, but they are getting Pentavalent Free !

Bangladesh spends approximately Tk 1 crore ( 10 Million ) every year on nerve tissue vaccine.

I appeal to donor agencies to help Bangladesh procure and produce tissue culture antirabies vaccine so that many people (about 1500) could be saved from the jaws of death and a lot of money of poor patients could be saved. This will also enable them to have life long immunity that can be reactivated on re-exposure through a 4 site intradermal single vial of tissue culture vaccine.

If we refer to the paper published in Vaccine, 86.2% receive NTV post exposure in Bangladesh which is a very serious issue and needs attention of policy makers. Because if we use existing cell culture vaccine through intradermal technique ,even then more than 60% people can be given post- exposure prophylaxis without any additional cost to the people of Bangladesh.

Is there someone to listen?


Dr. Omesh Kumar Bharti
OSD, Emergency Medical Response and Transport,
Directorate of Health, Kasumpati,
SHIMLA, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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