CERDI, Clermont-Ferrand, France, May 11th 2011
(As a pre-conference to the CERDI conference on Health Care Financing in Developing and Emerging Countries, 12-13/5/2011)
Whether at the individual, organizational or global level, incentives are now at the heart of the thinking in the health sector. In line with its two previous activities (conference in Antwerp in 2008 and Clermont-Ferrand in 2009), the IHPP Network is pleased to announce a new event.
Two themes have been chosen this time (half a day each):
The experience of pay-for-performance in middle and high-income countries.
After focusing on performance-based financing experiences in poor countries during our two previous conferences, it is appropriate to expand our attention to what happens in more developed economies. The various experts who have agreed to respond to our invitation will allow us to become acquainted with: how P4P fits in the ongoing major reform introduced in China, an innovative experiment in Latin America and the multitude of dynamics in OECD countries. Together with our guest speakers, we hope to identify the main features of the current dynamic worldwide and cross-learn from various experiences.
Performance-based aid: The Emerging Paradigm
At our last conference in 2009, we agreed that development of Performance-Based-Financing in Low-Income Countries would result in a change of paradigm in the field of international aid. Since then, things have only accelerated. Various think-tanks, bloggers and aid agencies have put forward the strategy under different names: Output-Based Aid, Cash on Delivery … Various aid agencies have recently crossed the Rubicon and others have announced a significant commitment.
We are pleased to announce that the main proponents of this strategy will be present at Clermont-Ferrand; with them, we will review the main arguments in favor of performance-based aid, but also identify the challenges. We will ensure that this half-day is as interactive as possible; one of our concerns will be to foster a good dialogue between donors and actors based in the North, with actors working in LICs, including the community of experts active in result-based financing.
Practical Aspects
This conference will be held in English. A tentative program will be available mid-April.
The inscription is done via the conference website of CERDI (www.cerdi.org):
All the information on hotel and the venue is also to be found on the CERDI website.

For questions about the program,

The “Incentives for Health Provider Performance Network” is a group of experts and researchers who believe that incentives should receive more attention in the organization of health systems in low-income countries. The main purpose of the group is to boost information sharing on experiences that involve a significant revision of incentives faced by health care providers. Performance-based financing schemes and the way they affect the relationships between health authorities, third-party payers, health care providers, the communities and the population are particular matters of interest. The group’s aims include early dissemination of lessons learned, free discussion and creative thinking. Its ambition is to link field experts and scholars from the North and the South.
Current members of the network:
Martine Audibert (CERDI), Nicolas de Borman (AEDES), Rena Eichler (Broad Branch Associates), Riku Elovainio (WHO), Gyuri Fritsche (World Bank), Jacky Mathonnat (CERDI), Bruno Meessen (ITM), Ingvar Olson (NORAD), Jean Perrot (WHO), Frank van de Looij (CORDAID), Piet Vroeg (CORDAID).

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