Voting ends today 23:59

— Updated–

We are now hosting five board candidates’ introduction on our website. Thanks to them for accepting our invitation. We still accept new submissions and not only from board candidates.

We believe board candidates should make themselves known to the members of the society. We discovered fortuitously that you do NOT need to log on to have a view of  the 43 candidates statements on the election website. However, and since the beginning we stand for more transparency and communication around this process. So please, keep sharing with us and the rest of the society who you are and what your motivations are to sit on the board.

The format is free. You get one page on our website – you make use of it the way you want.

Please send in your submission at either in a doc, docx, rtf, txt or html version.

Inform the world on twitter by using the #hsglobal and on facebook by posting on the society’s webpage.

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