Below you will find a contribution from Jenny Mabel Carabali, an Emerging Voice from Colombia.

My brain had to make many switches in the last 3 weeks: to start to think in English and stop and begin again, to try to understand things in French and to try to dream in Spanish; later the ideas came surprisingly easy in
English. Even the dreams!!! But this switch was the key to opening the EVs gift box. When the EVs gift box was open I could not close my eyes again. It was necessary to keep my eyes wide open all the time: many things to learn, to share, to see, to try, to understand. I was in front of a “Multi-culti mix of knowledge”.
The Emerging Voices (EVs) was one of the best projects that ITM could have designed; EVs proved the perfect recipe to collect a good dose of different kinds of knowledge and show it to the world. The first week with hard training taught the EVs the rigor of scientific action, and helped us to get good results at the 52th ITM Colloquium in Antwerp. Also, at the First Global Symposium of Health System Research in Montreux, the EVs were a success, and there was the opportunity and space to hear the voices from the south, not
just from the assistants, editors, decision makers, and teachers, senior and young voices; that was the opportunity to take into account different points of view.
Hearing all my colleagues, I learned about their expectations, proposals, approaches, outcomes, needs, results and perspectives, and we shared, beyond these concepts, one wish: “improving our health conditions”, with different lenses, ways and structures, but awaiting the same outcome: UHC.
And you, my dear colleague, ask me what I will take from this experience? My answer to you is that I keep in my brain a mix of multi-culti knowledge as a memory and in my hands tools to use to achieve the best possible and to contribute to hold on to our wish to begin with actions as soon as possible.

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