I share with you this message on the Article from Julio Frenk about Primary Health Care  in our newsletter #15

—–Original Message—–
From: Richard Mangwi
Sent: mercredi 20 mai 2009 13:27

Hello there,
I find this discourse about PHC very disturbing and I must say very confusing at the same time! The lancet viewpoint (Julio Frenck 2009) makes a historical approach to the origins of the terminology and goes on to state that PHC has been understood and interpreted differently by different groups of people and individuals. Personally, during my undergraduate I understood PHC to mean the ‘less complicated’ health interventions like immunization. During my ICHD I made an attempt to re-understand PHC, but never got a suitable answer, instead I got one interesting article about “selective PHC!” Now at a postgraduate and predoctoral level, I feel completely confused about the notion of PHC. I make one radical proposal: Scrap this notion and replace it with some thing like: “Comprehensive health care” or “intergrated health care”. And maintain PHC as an historical milestone in international health!!!
Regards, Richard.

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