Dear Emerging Voices,
Switching the Poles becomes more and more a reality!
The Belgian Directorate-General Development Cooperation (DGD), the sponsors
of last year’s Emerging Voices Venture, asked ITM to write a technical
background note about Universal Health Coverage (UHC). The note will be used
to provide information on international development trends and to stimulate
reflections on the current and future Belgian policy orientations and
programmes. You can download the draft policy brief here.(PDF 390 Kb)

As representatives from the South, you are seen as an important stakeholder.
Hence we strongly invite you to take this opportunity: please read the note
we prepared carefully and share your critical comments, suggestions and
feedback about the note and about where you see a role for the Belgian
development cooperation in the UHC debate and action. Your input will be
added to the note and shared with DGD.
You can comment to us here.
Your opinion counts!
Kind regards,
An & Kristof

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8 Responses to Policy note on Universal Health Coverage for DGD – request for the feedback of the Emerging voices

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