A retreat from international funding commitments for AIDS threatens to undermine the dramatic gains made in reducing AIDS-related illness and death in recent years, according to a new report by Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF).
see the press release from Johannesburg or download the report (PDF, 711 Kb)

The report describes the worrying trend of reduced funding for HIV/AIDS scale up, including from the major donors such as Pepfar, UNITAID and GF.

MSF sees early but significant signs of retreat by international donors for HIV/AIDS. Combined with the effects of the economic crisis on domestic spending on health and HIV, the consequences of shrinking international funding for HIV/AIDS are directly felt at patient and programme level.

On the field we see e.g. the consequences of PEPFAR/US withdrawing from previous commitments to HIV and to AIDS treatment in particular. Patients in need of ART in PEPFAR supported clinics are now being refused initiation in Uganda and South Africa.

MSF supports the appeal for more efforts towards mother and child care, but
this includes the need for additional means. These means can not be obtained
by sacrificing effective HIV/AIDS interventions. Without sustained HIV/AIDS
efforts we will never be able to reduce mother and child mortality in SSA.

Thanks for spreading and supporting the message!
All the best,

Mit Philips
Analysis & Advocacy UNIT- Access to Health Care MSF Rue Dupré 94; 1090
Brussels; Belgium

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