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Advocacy groups, UN institutions, scientific journals and other global health actors are all frantically preparing for the MDG+ summit later this year. Momentum is building, campaigns are being kicked off, calls for papers issued, emerging voices asked to contribute, etc. But the global health community is also closely watching Capitol Hill these days. For obvious reasons.

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David Hercot, Kristof Decoster, Josefien Van Olmen, Wim Van Damme, Basile Keugong, Yibeltal Assefa and Peter S. Hill

Global Health

1. Lancet – DFID: a report card and a reappraisal

The Lancet ; Full Text

With the UK election approaching, the Lancet looks ahead, more in particular towards DFID’s future. The editorial suggests the new UK government should proceed cautiously, and gives some recommendations for reform.

2. KFF – EU-India-Africa relations

Free-Trade Negotiations Could Limit Access To Affordable, Generic Drugs, Advocacy Group Says ;

India-Africa Partnership Summit Underway In New Delhi

While Indian and African representatives are discussing African development objectives, EU- India free trade agreements could hamper those efforts, at least in the field of access to (affordable generic) drugs.

Health Financing

3. CGD – GSK’s evolving business model – for profit and for greater good ?

Nandini Oomman;

The Center for Global Development Blog examines GSK’s new business model that aims for long term sustainability and balance between making markets for the company and making drugs more available to the global poor.

4. KFF – GAVI Calls Meeting With Existing, Potential Donors

Later this month GAVI organises a back-to-back meeting with the GFATM to prepare replenishment. So far it has only secured 40 % of the $ 7 Billion needed. The UK already committed 150 million pounds over the next 10 years.

5. AFGH – Action for Global Health France launches national campaign on health system strengthening in developing countries

On March 12, AFGH France launched a national public awareness campaign to strengthen Health systems in developing countries, in the run-up to the MDG+ meeting in September. It comes as no surprise that maternal health is a key focus.

6. KFF – Faith-Based Groups’ Experience Is A Good Investment For U.S. Taxpayers

Washington Times and Hill opinion pieces zoom in on US faith-based aid organizations. Both pieces tend to favor the use of these private voluntary organizations as they have lots of relevant expertise and a track record of effectiveness when delivering social services globally.

7. NYT A Different Kind of Aid: Hand Out Money


Non conditional cash transfers to poor people in Vietnam represent micro-scale “budget support”, one could say.


8. Lancet – The health-related MDGs—an urgent call for papers

Pam Das, Richard Horton ;

In the run up to the MDG+ summit, The Lancet launches an urgent call for papers on progress made towards the health-related MDGs. This is a unique opportunity to let emerging voices share their views on the scaling up towards MDGs. If you have an idea but would like support from peers, do not hesitate to join our ‘emerging voices for global health’ group at and describe your ideas briefly. The deadline is June 25, so please react quickly.

9. KFF – U.N. Secretary-General Launches Report Aimed At Meeting MDGs By 2015

At a UN General Assembly meeting on Tuesday, Ban Ki Moon launched a report with an action plan to reach the MDGs by 2015. He did not mince words: “”Let me be clear: we need no new commitments here. We need only make good on the commitments that have long been in place”.

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