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During a three day meeting in Brussels, experts from all over the world have looked at the global responsibilities to ensure global health. Starting from the concepts of human rights, human security and global social protection, experts have analyzed ways to make progress towards this goal in the current difficult environment and also made efforts to think out of the box. Many civil society organisations are willing to embrace this agenda. They plead for a united advocacy effort.

Please find below our weekly selection.

David Hercot, Kristof Decoster, Josefien Van Olmen & Wim Van Damme

Global Health

1. H Pol Plan – Global health funding: how much, where it comes from and where it goes

Mc Coy et al. ;

A research paper that tries to outline the flows of global health money that we already included in July but are happy to include again now that it is published in the paper version of the journal, all the more so because it is highly relevant to our priorities.

Health Financing

2. Science speaks – Uganda’s Minister of Health Worries About A Slowdown in US Commitment to Fighting AIDS

The Uganda Minister of Health, Dr. Stephen Mallinga, addresses to the Obama administration his concern about AIDS funding for Africa. He does support the idea of a global health initiative but not at the cost of reduced effort for AIDS.

3. Reuters – Experts warn of less money for AIDS research, treatment

Leaders in the war on AIDS pleaded with donors to maintain support despite the global financial crisis, warning that retreat would imperil hard-won progress to provide drugs and craft a vaccine against HIV.

4. The Standard – Experts seek new options to fund health services

OECD countries are more and more referring to the economic crisis when they fail to live up to their commitments. Therefore, innovative financing becomes the way forward and might eventually replace ODA, although these mechanisms were initially meant to be additional. Most African leaders are also taking their time to reach the 15% Abuja target. At a meeting in Nairobi, African countries discussed the introduction of an airline levy to generate funds for health services and AIDS treatment.

5. Lancet – Vaccines and the world of child health

Editorial ;

A joint report by the WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank on worldwide vaccination efforts released Wednesday found “a record 106 million infants were vaccinated last year against life-threatening diseases, but nearly a fifth of the world’s babies still are not protected fully”. Securing funding for routine immunisation is a challenge in the current environment, but at the same time, new vaccines are popping up due to innovative incentives for the pharmaceutical industry.


6. BMJ – European Union criticised for health policies towards developing countries

A report, released Tuesday, from Oxfam International and Health Action International says the EU is putting big drug companies’ interests ahead of “millions of people” in developing countries who do not have access to essential medicines.

Health Systems

7. HP&P: 10 best resources on … health workers in developing countries

Grepin & Savedoff ;

In the health system strengthening debate, human resources is one of the most prominent issues. This article gives an overview of key studies about different aspects of human resource policy and management in LIC, such as the requirements, distribution and motivation of health workers.

8. Lancet inf – Obama’s research-funding stimulus

Haitham M Ahmed ;

In this short article, the author argues that more attention has been given to research in developing countries since the US has reduced its own research budget.

9. The Economist – New ideas for global health

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges Explorations is open to researchers from around the world, and is intended to provide seed money for the development of ideas that might improve the health of those living in poor countries.

American health care reform

10. BMJ news – US inches closer towards healthcare reform as houses prepare for debate

BMJ explores the 5 bills on health care reform that are currently being debated in Committees of the US Congress.

11. NYT Senate Leader Takes Risk Pushing Public Insurance Plan

The latest gossip in the US health care reform debate: the public option could be back on the table. Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader, seems inclined to add a public option to the bill in the Senate, perhaps with an opt-out possibility for states.

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