Dear Colleagues,

The first paper we propose you is a research paper that tries to outline the flows of global health money.

Second, we propose you a series of articles on AIDS Funding: a summary of Obama’s AIDS policy now that Goosby is in office, a comment, in The Lancet, from a Ugandan expert raising his fears about the consequences of flat lined AIDS financing by PEPFAR, a MSF press release underlining the reduced availability of ARV in five countries due to the financial crisis, The Lancet editorial advocates for more patent pool for HIV drugs and finally a joint KFF-UNAIDS report on 2008 health spending in HIV AIDS sector.

In Health Affairs, two authors describe the new financing mechanism to reduce the price of artemisinine based anti-malaria drugs.

We also wanted to include this Lancet published book review on hunger and the role of the World Bank discussing two books, one from Dambisa Moyo and one from Devi Sridhar.

Finally we included two articles from The Lancet on Malaria, First an editorial underlining the need to maintain the (financial) effort in curbing the Malaria epidemic and an article describing the emerging resistance to artemisinine in Asia (preview attached).


David Hercot & Wim Van Damme

Health Financing

1. Health Policy and Planning – Global health funding: how much, where it comes from and where it goes

July 1 2009, David McCoy, Sudeep Chand and Devi Sridhar

AIDS funding

2. AIDSMAP – US officials outline Obama administration’s AIDS policy

Liz Highleyman

3. Lancet – Flat-line funding for PEPFAR: a recipe for chaos

Peter Mugyenyi

4. MSF Disruptions in HIV Drug Supplies and Funding Endangering Patient Lives

5. Lancet – Political activism needed for patent pools for HIV drugs

The Lancet

6. KFF and UNAIDS issue report on funding for AIDS by G8 countries and other major donors

Innovative financing

7. A Global Subsidy: Key To Affordable Drugs For Malaria?

Ramanan Laxminarayan and Hellen Gelband

8. Lancet – Rethinking the role of the World Bank in the battle against hunger

Geert Tom Heikens


9. Lancet – Maintaining momentum for malaria elimination

The Lancet

10. Lancet – Countries race to contain resistance to key antimalarial

Udani Samarasekera

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