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This week, we share with you an article on the impact of global health initiatives on health systems. We selected a review of the Global Health recommendations to the Obama Administration from different organisations.

Related to international financing, the Taskforce On Innovative International Financing For Health Systems has released its report in Paris. One, a US based NGO, has issued a warning that one Gleaneagles G8 commitment will not be respected due to the French and Italians, and French NGOs have published a report evaluating the French cooperation policy for health.

In a comment in the Lancet, two directors from The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and the UnitedHealth Group describe how they will tackle the emerging global threat of chronic diseases. Finally, we included a press release from WHO recommending universal vaccination against the rotavirus. This echoes with the editorial in the Lancet presenting Paul Hunt’s report on the human right responsibilities of GSK and private pharmaceutical companies.


David Hercot & Wim Van Damme


Global Health Initiatives

1. HPP The effects of global health initiatives on country health systems: a review of the evidence from HIV/AIDS control

The Paris Declaration in practice: challenges of health-sector aid coordination at the district level in Zambia

Regien G Biesma, Ruairı ´ Brugha, Andrew Harmer, Aisling Walsh, Neil Spicer and Gill Walt*

2. CGD suggestions to the Obama’s Global health agenda

Lindsay Morgan


International Health Financing

3. Taskforce On Innovative International Financing For Health Systems

Main Report (3,7 MB)

Working Group reports to the Taskforce:

Working Group 1 report (1,2 MB) Working Group 2 report (0,6 MB)

4. One – G8’s promise to Africa is likely to be broken, warns campaign group

5. AFGH – French cooperation policy for health NGO’s Analysis


Chronic diseases

6. Lancet Combating chronic disease in developing countries

Elizabeth G Nabel, Simon Stevens, Richard Smith



7. WHO Global use of rotavirus vaccines recommended

8. Lancet Right-to-health responsibilities of pharmaceutical companies

The Lancet (0,12 MB)

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