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This week is World Health Assembly, so we start with a short note from WHO, focusing strongly on concerns about a flu pandemic. Fortunately, there is also attention in Geneva for the Health MDGs. We add a critical background article by Jan Vandemoortele on “Making sense of the MDGs”.

The following documents focus respectively on the USA’s commitment to Global Health (a report from the Institute of Medicine); a criticism of the EU’s own Court of Auditors on EU’s neglect of non-state actors in aid programmes; and a short Lancet piece on the review of World Bank health projects (which we covered already last week too).

We also selected a World Bank working paper on the role of donors in Global Public Goods in Health.

Finally, we selected the editorial from this week’s Lancet thematic issues on Diabetes, and a New England perspectives article on Health Care Reform in the USA.


Wim Van Damme and David Hercot.



01 – WHO- World Health Assembly opens amid concerns about flu pandemic


02 – WHO – Progress on health MDGs mixed


03 – Development 2008 – Making sense of the MDGs – Vandemoortele


04 – IOM report on US commitment to Global Health


05 – 2009-EC neglects non-State actors in development


06 – Lancet-2009-World Bank health projects get mixed review


07 – Embezzlement of donor funding in health


08 – Donors & GPG in Health – WPS4907


09 – Lancet-2009-Diabetes—a global threat


10 – NEJM-2009-Building Momentum as Democrats Forge Health Care Reform



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Wim Van Damme & David Hercot



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