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This week, The Lancet launched a report prepared by an ad-hoc commission on how Climate Change will affect health across the globe in the coming years. This will definitely become a reference for future work.


Julio Frenk develops a well balanced viewpoint on the need to engage in a renewed effort to strengthen health systems as a way to unlock the full potential of the Alma Ata Declaration.

Obama has announced his intentions on the financing of global health for the coming years: “More balanced priorities but the same amount of money.”

Valery Ridde published (in French) a review of the literature describing the removal of user fees in Africa.

The Center for Global Development published on its blog a discussion on the role the IMF should (not) take in global and national health issues.

Undergraduates in international health from the UCL published a criticism on WHO’s code of practice to address migration of health staff.

Finally, PATH and WaterAid America released two new reports on May 12th that show that the international aid community and developing-country governments are not responding adequately to clear evidence on child mortality, as they fail to target resources where the disease burden is greatest.


David Hercot & Wim Van Damme


Climate Change

1.      Lancet- Managing the health effects of climate change

Launched in London, UK, May 13, 2009



A comment by Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Roberto Bertollini, Maria Neira, Kristie Ebi, Anthony McMichael


A collaboration between The Lancet and University College London, UK, resulting in the first UCL Lancet Commission report (!!5 MB!!), setting out how climate change over the coming decades could have a disastrous effect on health across the globe. The report examines practical measures that can be taken now and in the short and medium term to control its effects.

Sorry the report is too heavy to be attached, even the executive summary alone weights 1MB. If you have troubles downloading the report contact us.


Health Systems

2.      Lancet – Reinventing primary health care: the need for systems integration

Julio Frenk MD



Health Financing

3.      IRIN: Obama expands health agenda, but not funding




4.      U Montreal – Une recension des écrits scientifiques sur l’abolition des frais aux usagers dans les services de santé en Afrique

par Valéry Ridde et Florence Morestin 1,6 MB

This review of the literature covers all published literature linked to removal of user fees in Africa. In French.



Global Governance

5.      CGD – The IMF and the Swine Flu? WHO’s on First!

By Mead Over

Discussion on the role the IMF should (not) play in tackling global health at International and National level.



Human Resources

6.      Lancet – Compensation for the brain drain from developing countries

Kenechukwu Agwu, Megan Llewelyn on behalf of undergraduates in International Health at UCL



Child Survival

7.      Nearly 1.6 million children die each year from these preventable and treatable diseases



WaterAid: Fatal neglect: How health systems are failing to comprehensively address child mortality

Path: Solutions to defeat a global Killer (4MB PDF)


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