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Dear Colleagues,

Margaret Chan calls for a return to the values, principles and approach of Primary Health Care as a way to achieve greater efficiency, fairness and global security. In an article that rigorously analyses the three global health reports published in late 2008, Claudia Hanson and other colleagues from ITM underline the similarities between the three reports. They suggest that there is currently an opportunity for better evidence, policy and leadership to provide improved people-centred primary care and better health.
David Mc Coy and colleagues have analysed the grants provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (the Gates Foundation) over the past ten years. In an editorial, The Lancet comments on this research and on the lack of transparency from the Gates Foundation. Robert Black also underlines the insufficient funding of the Gates Foundation in childhood disease priorities.
We then include a report on an innovative financing mechanism launched by the GFATM; the mechanism targets the financial industry.
Two reports have been launched recently, one on health spending by Asian countries and another one on aid effectiveness of the World Bank Health Nutrition and Population programme. We included comments on each of these reports.
Finally, amid the dozens of articles on the topic, we selected an epidemiologic evaluation on the Influenza epidemic from the Lancet and one article from El Pais in French and Spanish.

Enjoy your reading.

Wim Van Damme & David Hercot

Global Governance

1. Lancet – Primary health care as a route to health security

Margaret Chan

2. TMIH: Three global health reports: towards a growing consensus?

From: Claudia Hanson, Wim Van Damme, Monique Van Dormael, Dirk Van der Roost, Francisco Songane

Global Health Initiatives

3. Lancet – What has the Gates Foundation done for global health?

Editorial The Lancet

4. Lancet – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s grant-making programme for global health

Dr David McCoy DrPH, Gayatri Kembhavi MScPT, Jinesh Patel BSc, Akish Luintel BSc

5. Lancet – Accelerating the health impact of the Gates Foundation

Robert E Black, Maharaj K Bhan, Mickey Chopra, Igor Rudan, Cesar G Victora

6. Lancet – Global Fund looks to boost private sector contributions

Tatum Anderson

Health Spending

7. BMJ – Asian countries’ spending on child and maternal health is inadequate, bank says

Ben Bland

8. AfGH – World Bank healthcare programmes failing to reach the poorest

AfGH comments the recent report from the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) on the World Bank’s delivery of healthcare for the poor for the period 1997 – 2008 (30 April 2009)


9. Lancet – Questions raised over response to influenza A outbreak

Anastasia Moloney

10. CI Envisager tous les scénarios, et surtout les pires
Y qué pasaría si todo fuera mal?

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