Dear Colleagues,

At a time of global fear for the new influenza strain we wanted to provide you some information on the situation without sounding the alarm.

We also selected a series of interesting articles around global health initiatives (GHI): A call to broaden the mandate of the Global Fund; an analysis of the effective strengthening of health systems by GHI and a call for the US government to increase funding for family planning by former heads of USAID. Colleagues from our department contributed to the two first articles in this series.

We also propose you a series of articles around AIDS: Wim Van Damme and colleagues analyse the effects of scaling up ARVs in Ethiopia; an analysis of the performance of ARV programmes in Africa and a discussion of the challenges ahead for the newly appointed director of the PEPFAR programme.

While screening for articles we find more articles that might interest some of you. We then list them on or at the bottom of our blog where you can look for a specific topic.

David Hercot & on behalf of Wim Van Damme

La version française est ici.


Lancet – Swine influenza: how much of a global threat?



2. Lancet A global fund for the health MDGs?
Giorgio Cometto, Gorik Ooms, Ann Starrs, Paul Zeitz

3. PLOS Global Health Actors Claim To Support Health System Strengthening—Is This Reality or Rhetoric?
Bruno Marchal, Anna Cavalli, Guy Kegels

4. Lancet International family-planning budgets in the “new US” era<

Duff Gillespie, Elizabeth S Maguire, Margaret Neuse, Steven W Sinding, J Joseph Speidel



5. PLOS Rapid Scale-Up of Antiretroviral Treatment in Ethiopia: Successes and System-Wide Effects

Yibeltal Assefa, Degu Jerene, Sileshi Lulseged, Gorik Ooms, Wim Van Damme

6. NEJM Rationing Antiretroviral Therapy in Africa Treating Too Few, Too Late

Nathan Ford, D.H.A., Edward Mills, Ph.D., and Alexandra Calmy, M.D.

7. CGD Waiting for Goosby: PEPFAR’s Chance to Shine

By Nandini Oomman


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