I am sending you this week’s harvest from The Lancet.
I include only two Lancet articles this time:
(1) an in-depth article on Trade, TRIPS and pharmaceuticals. It is part of a series on “Trade & Health”.
(2) a journalistic report on how US reconstruction efforts in Iraq failing health care

As suggested by many, I broaden a bit the scope by attaching info from beyond the Lancet; I selected:
(3) a special issue of the Broker online on Health (page 3 to 15); which gives a multisectoral perspective;
(4) a recent report from Oxfam UK “Blind Optimism. Challenging the myths about private health care in poor countries”

(5) a report published by IDRC on emerging donors, such as China and India.

Please, let us know what you think of this selection.

If you have experience with such forum or suggestions, positive or negative
ones, please, let us know,

Wim Van Damme

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