Our selection from The Lancet -today- 6th of March

Lancet-2009-“Fat taxes” and the financial crisis


labels: health financing, financial crisis, equity, health promotion

Lancet-2009-from research ethics review to research ethics in LMICs
labels: methodology

Lancet-2009-The USA’s crisis of the uninsured

labels: health financing

BMJ-2009-Health care reform, Obama

labels: health financing

BullWHO-2009-Evidence for public health decision-making.pdf
labels: methodology

BullWHO-2009-systematic reviews in public health.pdf
labels: methodology

BullWHO-2009-The health worker shortage in Africa

labels: human resources

NEJM-2009-Obama’s Down Payment on health care reform

labels: health financing


*If you are unable to access any of these materials online please contact David
Hercot at ihpnetwork@itg.be

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