Dear colleagues,

Here we are again with our weekly selection of articles on International Health Policies.

My personal preference this week is:
Lancet-2009-The war on drugs – a devastating public-policy disaster.

Two short articles on TB:
Lancet-2009-Are we really that good at treating tuberculosis?
Lancet-2009-Global tuberculosis control amid the world economic crisis.

Two articles about cholera & Zimbabwe:
Lancet-2009-Zimbabwe’s sick public health-care system fuels disease.
NEJM-2009-cholera in Africa.

One about the new Rotavirus vaccine:
NEJM-2009-Rotavirus Vaccines – early success, remaining questions.

some press cuttings:
the New Republic-2009-PEPFAR-Do or Dybul.
And one in Worldpress about the Global Alliance on AIDS

Also one about chronic illness:
BMJ-2009-Chronic illness – beyond the expert patient

For those with good Internet access: I suggest you to have a look at The Lancet Global Health Network
“The Web site, produced by the editors of the journal Lancet, aims to bring together international public health experts to conduct analyses, examine evidence, devise recommendations, and form proposals for international health and development efforts. The site includes resources, podcasts and discussion forums.”
It contains a wealth of information, and many useful links…

Please, give us feed-back about the selection at In particular, we would like to know whether you appreciate the press cuttings on Global Health, or whether you prefer more ‘real science’; ‘heavy stuff’ …

Also, do not hesitate to forward this mail to colleagues and friends,


Wim Van Damme
David Hercot (in Ghana)

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