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30 Responses to HSR consultation – 1. What do you think should be the mission or goal of the new society?

  1. The Editorial Team says:

    Dear all,
    there are new developments regarding the election to the board of the society. Please follow the latest updates on the blog:

    And share with us any concern you would have on this process.

  2. Iqbal Anwar says:

    Good initiative. goal should be to strengthen health systems for healthy and prosperous life.

  3. Cornelia Ndifon says:

    • Learning from research, define the minimum standard of an effective and an efficient and sustainable health system
    • Campaign for the attainment of highest possible standards in collaboration

  4. Dr. Eliudi Eliakimu says:

    The Mission for the society can be: “”To provide state of the art evidence on health systems research through global collaboration with key stakeholders in the health systems. Specifically, the society will improve the use of evidence-based information to strengthen health systems building on the World Health Report-2000″”.

  5. Dr Nasir Shaikh Miya says:

    The goal or mission of the society can be ” Research leading to the improvement of provision of healthcare to the all”. Through evidence based researches we can achieve our universal goal for provision of equitable health to all

  6. Irene Akua Agyepong says:

    I think part of the mission of this society should be to strengthen the engagement between decision making /policy and practice in health systems and research and generation and refinement of theory in research and academic institutions. Health systems research is a very applied science and in my opinion, fulfills its full potential only when this type of engagement is rich, full and productive. It is critical to strengthen the engagement with and the understanding of the world of policy and practice – and develop the ability to engage with both worlds. I think in addition to the several very good suggestions I have seen, this strengthening of the interface and the engagement between the world of policy and practice and the world of research and theory/academics is critical. Much knowledge of real value to the world of practice remains in the halls and shelves of research and theory because of the difficulties in engaging and finding a common language or a translator. Moreover as someone who has tried over the years to sit astride both worlds and engage both, my observation is that without an explicit stated mission /goal to do this, it is easy to fall back into the comfort zone or one or the other world. And yet, when the engagement effort is made, everyone realises it is worthwhile.

  7. Leslie London says:

    I would imagine it should be to advance the scholarship and application of health systems approaches to improving health at all levels – local, national, regional and global. By sharing experiences and good/best practices, we can understand better what is needed to improve health systems, make them more responsive, sustainable, equitable, effective, etc. And it provides for an advocacy agenda.

  8. Lucy Gilson says:

    I would think the mission of any society would need to attract and speak to its potential members. So what are my interests as a potential member? I am a researcher interested in health systems and health policies, and interested to strenghen health systems in ways that promote social justice. From this perspective I would be interested in a society whose mission suggests that it provides spaces for engagement and learning with a range of groups, and on a range of topics, relevant to that interest. So yes I would like to see research in the name of the society, and think this would give it a particular niche in the wider array of organisations interested in ‘health systems strengthening’. But maybe it would also be good to add the word ‘analysis’ – to signal that a range of forms of knowledge generation are needed to support health system development. I think it is also important to allow for the range of actors who might generate the knowledge – from those with formal positions inside health systems to those based in organisations outside health systems; from those in formal research positions to civil society activists; from those at national level to those working in international organisations. And the mission statement needs to acknowledge the importance of applying the knowledge that is generated to support health system development. Finally I would like to see the mission statement recognising the importance both of catalysing existing initatives in these areas (rather than assuming the need to start from scratch) and of working to re-generate (deepen, extend, create new) over time, the people and the ideas that drive the persistent generation and use of research and analysis to support health system development.

  9. Keovathanak Khim says:

    The mission of this society should be multiple.
    1. At global level, document and Inform global and national policy makers of good practices, lessons learned and experience related to key development in the four functions of health system
    2. Be forum/platform for partnership and collaboration for capacity building between researchers in health system in developed and developing countries
    3. Be a hub where health system research information is available and that fosters learning, dialogues and exchange, information on health system policies

  10. chinyere mbachu says:

    The goal of the society should be to build a community of interdisciplinary health researchers and practitioners who understand that health and healthcare delivery can be viewed from a systems perspective given the complexities that exist within health systems. To promote evidence-based policy making and engagement of policy makers in health systems research.

  11. Dick Jonsson says:

    Contribute to the development of health systems achieving affordable and good health for all by providing evidence based information to decisions makers in health policy, management and monitoring and evaluation.

  12. David Peters says:

    The proposed mission, vision and goals of the society are suitably broad and support an appropriate set of proposed activities for a society on health systems research. These statements do address health systems globally, including in high-income countries, but I believe the society should primarily focus on health systems research in low and middle-income countries and disadvantaged populations. We should also be articulating the types of values we hold as researchers on health systems (e.g. to promote equity, effectiveness, use of scientific information, etc.).

    I agree with the comments made above that we should also focus on health systems RESEARCH, and not more broadly on health systems. The importance of “research” has gone missing in the proposed title (“Health Systems Global”) and in the description of board responsibilities and qualifications.

  13. The overall vision, mission and goals, while necessary and very helpful, could do more to address national capacity building. Knowledge must not be another form of externally-driven aid; rather, it should be the outcome of local research, by in-country scholars and practitioners, and reflect nationally-derived priorities. A more results-focused framing of research, linking perhaps to removing financial and social barriers to the achievement of Universal Health Coverage, would also be welcome.

  14. Deon Canyon says:

    How about this for a mission statement. It draws on all the above comments:

    The Health Systems Global society provides an international framework that fosters innovative local, national and transnational research while promoting evidence-based approaches through the creation of knowledge and policy networks, the disseminating best-practices and tools, and advocacy with policy makers.

  15. Dennis B. Batangan says:

    The question should be ” Why is there a need for a new society?” We have seen so many similar efforts in the past and my concern is how different will this new society initiative be. I observed that in previous initiatives, the process of harnessing and cultivating suitable talents for specific issues is inadequate. An individual health professional would find it hard to locate him/herself in the complex arena of health research or health systems development.

  16. freddie Ssengooba says:

    The Society should work to foster the exchange of ideas, increase the standards of generation and application of multidisciplinary evidence to the field of resourcing, organizing and governing of health systems at all levels; and support young scientist through this career track.

  17. Justice Nonvignon says:

    Since a key aspect of this society is to also promote interaction between researchers and policymakers in order to promote evidence-informed policymaking, the name being Health Systems Global is fine. However, our activities should ensure there is a fair balance between the research community and the policymaking (sometimes also the politics) community. This will promote that evidence from research informs policy.

  18. Yanira Xirinachs-Salazar says:

    Among the goals to be included are:
    1 – Promote the exchange of knowledge between researchers in the health sector.
    2 – Promote the dissemination of new methodology for analyzing the health sector.
    3 – Establish networks of researchers in specific areas (financing, efficiency, quality, coverage and others).

  19. Bill Brieger says:

    There needs to be a balance between generalizable and country specific. The mission can focus on methods that are generalizable as well as issues that address country specific concerns

  20. Di McIntyre says:

    I generally support the vision and mission suggested (see document on Background info and the link to the vision and mission on the society’s website). As the society is about health systems RESEARCH and about evidence underpinning health system change and promoting the use of health systems research findings, I am wondering whether the word research should not be included in the name of the society (at the moment, the proposed name of the society is ‘Health Systems Global’). Agree that the society should promote engagement between researchers and policy makers and policy implementers and that the symposia are a good forum to do this at the international level; a key activity of the society should be to strengthen the ability to do this at country level.

  21. The mission of the society should be TO WORK WITH rather than WORK FOR national health systems researchers, policy makers and heath service managers to address common HS challenges from the previous work in the past towards just publishing HS papers in reputable journals.

  22. Shishir Dahal says:

    The goal of new society should be:
    Engagement- Engage health system researchers
    Enrichment- Enrich a learning environment to share and synthesize knowledge
    Empowerment- Empower health system researchers

  23. Collins Chansa says:

    To facilitate the process of undertaking comprehensive health systems research specifically to promote health service delivery.

  24. Alex Hakuzimana says:

    The goal of the Society should be to support and improve evidence based research on health systems.

  25. Gavin Mooney says:

    To advance and support health systems development while accepting that health systems are first and foremost social institutions and ought to be driven by ‘local’ social and cultural values.

  26. Bernard Kadio says:

    Such an organization should stand as an international framework for : (1) knowledge exchange (2) promotion of innovative ideas or new findings about Health Systems and Policy (3) fellowship among HSR stakeholders

  27. Hyacinth Ichoku says:

    The goal of this new organization should be to position HSR as evidence-based advocacy platform for engaging with politicians and policy-makers in creating greater fiscal space and reform of the health sector especially in low income countries.

  28. OHOUO BROU Samuel says:

    The goal of this new society should be to promote national health systems research teams, to help all countries, especially developping countries, to implement results of health system research in order to strengthen national health systems and to make WHO aware of increasing HSS .

  29. Benjamin Uzochukwu says:

    The overall mission should be to promote and sustain the development, knowledge and application of HSR in achieving equitable and efficient health systems.

  30. Kun Zhao says:

    The goal of the new society should promote efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign of the universal health care by sharing the experiences and lessons of health system reform in the world, helping policy makers and clinical decision makers to have the sense of demanding, accessing and using evidence, making health systems contributing to better health status.

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