How can I download files from the newsletter
How can I reduce my internet usage to the minimum
Why should I use RSS ?

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How can I download files from the newsletter

When you subscribed for our newsletter, you also receive the links to the direct downloads of most of the articles.
Some people didn’t know how to open them so here is a short manual on how to open a “.zip” or a “.doc” file.

  •  Zip files:

A zip file is used to pack multiple files in one file so the size is reduced. Everyone who does not have windows 7, has no standard .zip reader. You can download one here (WinRAR). Download and install the software. Now when you try to open a .zip file, it should open in the program or you should be able to select the program in a list. After opening, if you want the files on your desktop, just drag them where you want them and done.

  • Doc files:

For everyone who doesn’t have Microsoft Word, you can always download Open Office. It’s a free software and it will open .doc files without any problem.


How can I reduce my internet usage to the minimum

Many of our readers live in settings where connectivity to the internet is an issue. This trick blocks the downloading of picture, javascript and other stuff that increase the size of a webpage. It should help you reduce the weight of websites and increase your ability to open some websites even in difficult settings. Of course then not all functionality will be available.

Depending on the browser you are using the procedure is slightly different. (The best one according to me is ‘Chrome.’ Download: Google Chrome.) Find the ‘options’ button in your browser.

  • For Chrome

In right top corner → ‘costumize and control’ →  ‘options’ →  ‘under the bonnet’ →  ‘content settings’
Once you’re there, select ‘Do not show any images’, ‘Do not allow any site to run JavaScript’ and under plugins ‘Block all.’

  • For Firefox

In left top corner →  ‘extra’ →  ‘options’ →  ‘content’
Now disable ‘javascript’ and ‘load pictures automatically’.

  • For Internet Explorer (Often standard browser but very slow!)

In right top corner →  ‘tools’ →  ‘internet options’ →  ‘advanced’
Now scroll down and uncheck ‘play animations in webpages’, ‘play sounds in webpages’, ‘show pictures’
Turning off javascript is almost the same: In right top →  ‘tools’ →  ‘internet options’ →  ‘programs’ →  ‘manage add-ons’ →  ‘show all add-ons’
Search for javascript and disable it.


RSS feed of our selection / flux RSS de nos selections

If you have problems browsing websites on your computer, smartphone or tablet or just want to save time by having all your preferred websites coming in one place, we recommend you to use the rss technology. This tool allows you to download the headings and some information of the websites you want to follow  instead of having to browse to the numerous websites. Check Google Reader for an online application. Apps also exist for Android and iOS that allow you to read offline. One of our editors uses MobileRSSfree to sync his feeds between Google Reader and his iPad.

  • Existing feeds: 

English HS Alert RSS feed
English IHP newsletter RSS feed
French IHP newsletter RSS feed

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