E-DRUG: Abbott denies the world their medicine

Our pharmacy has a couple of patients who use Depakote (divalproex sodium)
sprinkle capsules from Abbott USA.
[Divalproex is used for epilepsy and some psychiatric conditions- Moderator].

Depakote is no longer available in Norway.

Any wholesaler who wants to trade Abbott's medicines in USA has to sign a
document where they promise not to sell these medicines outside USA. And when
Abbott Norway denies to import them to Norway, the inversed embargo is

We did manage to obtain a generic substitute. But this attitude from Abbott
is problematic. Norway has about 5 mill inhabitants. Like in very, very many
other countries this is not a large enough population to make an ordinary
profitable market for many medicines. We are dependent on unregistered
medicines, preferably imported from countries with a decent regulatory

USA is the world's largest medicine market. Abbott is denying the rest of
the world access to their medicine. That is wrong doing.

Stein Lyftingsmo
Hospital Pharmacy of Elverum, Norway

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