This is a guest contribution by Avaaz-India, forwarded to us by Dr. Omesh Bharti. Feel free to sign the petition, if you share their idea. The EU-India summit is scheduled for December 10th

Dear friends across India,
In a few days, our government could sign away one ofIndia’s most important and profitable businesses – low cost medicines.

Global drug companies are lobbying to pushIndiaout of the market and get a clause into the Europe Free Trade Agreement that would stop our companies producing cheap medicines. We cannot let our government cave to pressure — if we show them that acrossIndiawe are watching — we could save our industry.

Let’s tell Prime Minister Singh to defend Indian companies and our proud pharmacy service to the world’s poorest. Sign the petition and then forward this email to everyone you know. When we reach 50.000 signatures, Avaaz will deliver the petition to the government directly at the EU – India talks:


India has nurtured a large generic industry which now exports medicines worth Rs 50,000 crore per year and is the only affordable source of treatment for malaria, AIDS and other diseases across Asia, Africa and Latin America. If our government signs the free trade agreement in its current form this industry will collapse. Thousands of people will lose their jobs and we will lose vital export earnings, whilts millions across the world will be left with no access to medicines.

Pushed by their pharmacy lobbyists just three countries -France, theUKandGermany- are pushing hard to crushIndia’s industry. But, the financial crisis has weakened Europe, while our economy is booming –Indiais strong enough to turn down this bad deal. It’s time to get our government to stand up to this bullying, but we need to act now before the European Union-India summit on December 10th.

Let’s show our strength and embolden our government to say no to European proposals that would undermine our economy, our rights, andIndia’s proud role as pharmacy to the world’s poor.

Sign the petition now

In the world we are working towards governments will ensure that peoples’ needs are prioritised over economic doctrines and power plays by big corporations. Free trade should not trump affordable, life-giving medicines.

With hope and determination,

Alex, Parvinder, Pascal, Paula, Alice and the whole Avaaz team

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