Since two weeks, a group of young health systems researchers from all over the world have come together at Peking University to discuss their research, country experiences and research methodology. Young and eager, they talked about their many aspirations and dreams, but also about the constraints and hurdles they face as young health systems researchers in LMICs. This Thursday, in the Emerging voices for Global Health session, some of them will give you a flavor of the research and questions they are currently working on, using sharp and crisp presentations. Sometimes their messages and stories will be moving, sometimes provocative and anything but politically correct. Other researchers will take you by the hand to show you some of the research they’ve been doing recently, trying to get their countries one step closer to UHC.

Today, in room 203C, Ten Emerging Voices from across the Global South, including some eloquent voices from BRICs countries, will share experiences on health systems research and knowledge translation in their countries.  They don’t believe in value free or ‘pure’ health systems research, and they are right. So be there. You won’t regret it.

The session starts at 11.30 am – room 203C.


Speakers Bio / Title of presentation
1 Onoriode Ezire


Call centers as a way to improve access to care in Nigeria
2 Jean-Paul Dossou Medical Doctor, with training in Tropical Epidemiology and Qualitative and Mixed Method Research.


Effect of free cesarian section policy on the health service management and provision of care in Benin.
3 Aku Kwamie PhD candidate, Ghana Health Service


How and Why do district managers make decisions ?
4 Daniel Henao Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health. Universidad de Antioquia Research Consultant at the PAHO.


Micropolitical determinants of Universal Health Coverage
5 Paola Andrea Mosquera UMEA Universitet

Costa Rica

Does Primary Health Care strategy help to improve health outcomes in Bogota?
6 Marsha Orgill Health Economics unit, University of Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa

Major health system reform : understanding & supporting the process of implementation
7 Asmat Malik


Researching the informal social networks among street-level policy implementers in Pakistan.
8 Li Shunping Lecturer, Centre for health management and policy, Shandong University


Barriers to TB care for drug users in China
9 Prashanth NS PhD Fellow, Institute of Public Health, Bangalore.A medical doctor and public health professional, studying capacity-building of health managers.


How do we study capacity-building in health? A realist evaluation approach.
10 Raoul A. Bermejo III a proud Filipino, a PhD student at ITM-Antwerp and an advocate of health for all.


The EU: an obstacle to Philippine aspirations for Universal Health Care.


Moderators are David Hercot & Nathalie Eggermont (ITM)

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