We believe board candidates should make themselves known to the members of the society. Currently we can’t even get the names of the people who have been nominated/ who applied unless we log on onto the voting system. We regret this and feel it is really insufficient. So please, share with us and the rest of the society who you are and what your motivations are to sit on the board.

The format is free. You get one page on our website – you make use of it the way you want.

Please send in your submission at ihpnetwork@itg.be either in a doc, docx, rtf, txt or html version.

Inform the world on twitter by using the #hsglobal and on facebook by posting on the society’s webpage.

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7 Responses to Dear candidates to the board of the Health Systems Global Society

  1. Godelieve van Heteren says:

    Hi friends, Agree with everybody that this process is still suffering a bit from beginners’ flaws. The voting site does, however, contain blurbs and cvs of the candidates.Am one of them. All people registered for Beijing did receive at least three appeals to stand for the board, so only if you do not read your mail could you have missed this. Herewith my ‘blurb’, to which I can now add that if I were to be elected I will help to change this procedure for the next round. Warm regards, Godelieve:
    “The debates about the role of health systems research in health systems reforms and strengthening are entering a crucial next phase. For any new society of health systems professionals to become successful, it will have to be innovative and inclusive: in strategy, methodology and scope. I think this is possible and would like to join forces with others to contribute to such an agenda and help build the innovative coalitions it requires.
    My work (as health systems researcher, former Member of Parliament, former director of international NGO Cordaid and current position as director of the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative at Erasmus University) has led me to focus on what it practically requires to cross borders: between the heterogeneous worlds of researchers, or between research and politics. This is the experience I would like to bring to the board.”

    • David Hercot says:

      Thanks Godelieve for your contribution. Yes, the beginners flaws are just beginners flaws. I hope that by now, everybody got at least one mail. I can tell you that it wasn’t the case for some people. Let’s meet during the Symposium at the Emerging Voices booth. All the best.

  2. The Editorial Team says:

    The list of candidates and their statements for HS Global election is publicly available online here : https://secure.votebyinternet.com/hsg2012/statements.htm

  3. Raman VR says:

    I have raised the same concern with the agency – that they could have given the details of candidates beforehand, and independently of the voting process. It is not clear why you have to use the security code even for accessing basic information about the candidates. The process is also confusing, in that you dont know if you can log out and log in again, so you may end up voting in a rush, rather than in a measured way, taking time to read the candidates profiles. They should have clarified these processes by way of a set of guidelines in the text of the email.

  4. David Hercot says:

    Voting is open till Nov 1 :
    “The ballot is open 24 hours a day and closes at 15.59 GMT on Thursday November 1, 2012.”
    So no need to hurry in the voting system. Let’s find out who the candidates are first. (Personally I still didn’t get any invitation from them to participate in the voting.)

  5. David Peters says:

    I entered the site. You can vote for up to eleven candidates, from among 43 candidates listed in alphabetical order. Once you enter the site, you can read the short statements from each of the candidates. Once you submit your vote, you can’t go back, but unless you do that, you can keep re-entering the site. Wish we had known the rules about voting ahead of time.


    David Peters

  6. Prashanth says:

    This is true. In my case, I received two security codes on the SAME email address. I voted with one and tested whether I could vote with the other, and I could!

    Secondly, there is no background information on any of the candidates! So, it seems that people with more “friends and acquiantances” will win! While, that is certainly not a problem, it creates a handicap for the “younger” voices like one of the candidates, Nathalie, who is a medical student. This is clearly a barrier for relatively younger people from participating in this process.

    I hope the process will eventually be as fair and representative as possible within the constraints in which we operate.

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