Hi David,

I agree with the statement of People's Health Movement on this year's World Health Summit, thanks for sharing it with us. In my opinion this summit is a scandal. The scandal is that it calls itself "World Health Summit" while almost the entire programme focusses on high (and some middle-) income countries without a single session on issues in low-income countries.

Still, PHM is wrong in saying the summit is not really 'global', in fact you can't get anymore global than in the following session, I suppose:

Space Medicine: Results For Terrestrial Applications, Challenges For Long-Term Stays On Moon And Mars, German Aerospace Center

At least, we can hope that the delegates are nicely entertained by "The Singing Shrinks, founded in 2000 at the Charité, the world's first and only choir of psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists."

Regards from Berlin,


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